Troubleshooting Your LCD Projector

by Michael Ahr in

There are certain problems that crop up again and again for LCD projectors, and you can save yourself a lot of headache if you recognize the following issues. 

  1.  "The image on the screen is purple/green/some strange color." Usually this just means your VGA cable (the blue/black cable going to your document camera or laptop) is loose. Secure it on both ends. If this does not fix the issue, a replacement cable from the media center may help; see a media staff member.
  2. "The 'Temp' light is on and the fan is running hot." Check to make sure your fan vent (usually next to the lens) is not blocked by other equipment/books/papers. Also check your filter. The filter usually slides out from under your lens or from a door that opens next to your lens. If it is dusty, the hot air is not properly venting. Filters should be checked two or three times per year.

An example of where to find your projector's filter.