Adding the Front Office Copier as a Printer

by Michael Ahr in ,

Here are the directions for adding the front office copier as a printer for your laptop. These directions are for the Windows side of your laptop. For assistance setting the copier up on the Mac side, see a media staff member.

  1. Copy this link - \\RHHMDF1SVVM014.HCPSS.ORG\Copier
  2. Click on the “Start” Button (Window Globe)  and paste the link into the “Search Programs and Files” field.  Then click Enter.
  3. If you want to make the Konica-Copier your default printer, click on the “Start” Button (Window Globe) and then click on “Devices & Printers.” Right click on the Konica-Copier icon and select “Set as Default Printer.”

If you need assistance setting up the Konica multi-function printer, see a media staff member.