Purchasing Discounted Microsoft Software

by Michael Ahr in

In the past, the Microsoft "Work-at-Home" license allowed us to sign out a copy of Microsoft Office for teachers to install on their home computers. The latest version of Office does not have this type of licensing. However, the county has an agreement that allows teachers to purchase Microsoft products at a fraction of the retail cost... sometimes as much as 80% off! Use the link below to access a secure document on the private side of GAfE. For obvious reasons, we cannot publish the link to the discount site directly on this website.


IMPORTANT: Do NOT share this information with others! This is for county employees only! We're all professionals - please respect this policy.


Modifying the Dock on Your MacBook

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Some teachers have noticed that they can't remove applications from the dock that they themselves haven't added. This feature was added by the county to prevent anyone from accidentally removing their network drives. However, if you'd really like to make changes to the applications on the dock anyway, follow this link to see the directions to do so. They're a bit involved, so be prepared.



Scheduling a Mobile Computer Lab

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Need to schedule a mobile lab? Use the following links to check the schedule! NOTE: These are on the private side of GAfE - login required.

Only media staff have edit capabilities, so in order to make a reservation, simply email Kathleen Markley, Michael Ahr, AND Virginia Jarvis (all three please!) with the periods you would like to request. One of us will get you scheduled. The AM time slot is for periods 1-3, and the PM time slot is periods 4-6. Time must be allowed for transport or recharging, so please be specific.