Submitting an Announcement for Hawk Talk

by Michael Ahr in

So you've been delegated the task of writing a blurb for the morning announcements by your club officers or sponsor - no problem! Here are some guidelines you must follow to have our anchors read your announcement on the air.

Make sure your announcement... 

  • legibly written or typed and is of a reasonable length.
  • submitted at least two hours ahead of time (by 8:00 a.m.) to the submission box on the checkout desk in the media center.
  • written in readable language (i.e. no posters).
  • ...includes a date range (2 week maximum).
  •, MOST IMPORTANTLY, signed by a sponsor or administrator.

Alternatively, if you email your announcement to your sponsor and they forward it to me, that is the same as signing it.

Have a video announcement? Bring it on a flash drive or disc to Mr. Ahr in the media center at least a day in advance. Videos should be around 1 minute in length, 2 minutes maximum in special circumstances. 

Have a slide you want on the TVs in the hallway? Read Submitting a Slide for the Looping Slideshow .