Switching to HCPSS-Wireless

by Michael Ahr

Since we no longer have access to "RHHWireless" or "WirelessRHH," students and teachers will need to know how to switch their laptops and wireless devices to HCPSS-Wireless. This wifi network authenticates using your username and password: the same one you use to access school computers. If you are unable to connect, a technician will be available today, January 27th, in the Professional Development Center.

UPDATE FEB. 3: Network issues continue. If you have trouble connecting, there are a couple of things you can try.

  • If you are prompted for a password but not a username, try telling your device to "Forget" the network and then re-creating it. If you need help doing this, come see us in the media center office.
  • Students and staff (as well as community members) can connect to the HCPSS-Guest account by selecting it and opening up a web browser to register their email address, similar to what you'd do in a Starbucks or the public library.